Graduate Degrees


Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Geochemistry - Environmental Biogeochemistry Track


A candidate for an M.S. or Ph.D. in the EBGC degree track should have an undergraduate science or engineering degree with coursework including multivariable calculus, two semesters each of physics and chemistry, and one semester each of biology and earth science. Applicants who do not fulfill these requirements may still be admitted, but will need to undergo an entrance interview to establish deficiency requirements. Credit toward a graduate degree will not be given for undergraduate courses taken to fulfill deficiencies.


A thesis proposal and thesis are required for all M.S. and Ph.D. degrees within the EBGC degree track. M.S. thesis advisors (or at least one co-advisor) must be members of the EBGC subprogram. Ph.D. thesis committees must have a total of at least four members. Ph.D. advisors (or at least one of two co-advisors) and one additional committee member must be members of the EBGC subprogram. M.S. students will be expected to give one public seminar on their research; Ph.D. students are required to give at least one in addition to their thesis defense presentation.

Coursework completed by MS and PhD students

1. CCHGC503: Introduction to Geochemistry

2. CCHGC504: Methods in Geochemistry

3. One chemistry-focused class, chosen from the following list:
  • CEEN550: Principles of Envionmental Chemistry
  • CHGC509: Aqueous Geochemistry
4. One biology-focused class chosen from the followng list:
  • CEEN560: Molecular Microbial Ecology and the Environment
  • CEEN562: Geomicrobial Systems
  • CHGC562: Microbiology and the Environment
4. One Earth science-focused class chosen from the followng list:
  • GHGC514:Geochemical Theromdynamics and Kinetics
  • GEGN598: Geochemical Modeling
  • GEGN598: Earth Surface Geochemistry
5. One class focused on analytical methods in environmental/biogeochemistry, chosen from several available, including:
  • CHGC506: Water Analysis Laboratory
  • GEGN530: Clay Characterization

Total credits required for M.S.: 36
Total credits required for Ph.D.: 72 (at least 18 of coursework)

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